Tuesday, 20 November 2012



  1. Juraj Jánošík was born on January 25, 1688.He died on 17th, March.His parents were Martin Jánošík and Anna Čišníková from Terchová.
    Jánošík was born in the village of Terchová in the Habsburg monarchy's Kingdom of Hungary area.Most of their victims were rich merchants. Under Jánošík's leadership, the group was exceptionally chivalrous: They did not kill any of the robbed victims and even helped an accidentally injured priest. They are also said to share their loot with the poor and this part of the legend may be based on the facts too.

  2. I think he was a very interesting hero. He was like Robin Hood from Slovakia.

    Neža from Slovenia.

  3. More info can be found in our TWINSPACE. My students created ppts writing about both JANOŠÍK and themselves.